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Who should engage a Buyers Agent?
You should engage a buyers agent if you are:
Hesitant, or Frustrated
Maybe you are just not sure about how the process works. Or maybe you are worried about paying too much.  After all, it is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. Or maybe you have missed out on a property you really wanted, again.  Don’t hesitate to get someone on your side who knows the ropes, who can meet professional negotiators head-on, and who can guide you through the whole experience.  You’ll be so glad you did.
Willing to Access Off-Market Properties
Anyone who wants to access the “Off-Market” market property. There is a huge number of properties for sale that never make it to the internet or your inbox.  It could be that the vendor requires discretion, or that the agent knows Buyer’s Agents with pre-qualified buyers who would be interested in the property, thereby saving the vendor many thousands in marketing costs and endless open inspection. 
Time Poor
You are working hard, you are juggling life to the extreme, and your time is precious, well spent with family and at your expertise.
Focus on what’s important to you, while Get RARE Properties search full time for your dream property.
Geographically challenged
Maybe you are moving interstate or internationally, or even from the other side of the city.  We will be constantly communicating with you through videos, photos, Zoom, phone calls, messages, Facetime, and comprehensive reports.  
Free Consultation

Should you want to discuss your property expectations confidentially, feel free to request a 45-minutes Free Consultation with absolutely no obligation.

Overwhelmed with your property searching?
Wondering how to get into the Off-Market properties?
Worried about negotiating with a professional?

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