Let's get to know before your Investment Readiness Call

Let's go through the 5 simple steps between now and when you have your call. The below steps will prepare and answer a lot of questions before we speak. 

You will know us better before our session.

1. Welcome

Watch this small video with Rasti Vaibhav, Founder of Get RARE Properties and Rupali Rastogi, Head of Property Acquisition to explain what you can expect in the Investment Readiness call with us. 

This video will give you a glimpse of what we will achieve through the session via zoom/ in-person /on-call. 

2. Your Partner

This second video will help you know that why it is important to partner with a Buyer's Agent when you are focussing on achieving your investment goals through passive income. 

3. Process

In this video, we will help you know about the next steps once you choose to partner with us.  You will get to know our process and how we will assist you in your property purchase journey.

4. What others say

 Below are the people who partnered with us to achieve their goals. We helped them find their right property according to their buyer's brief we got from their strategy sessions to build their Property Portfolio Blueprint. 

5. Your Questions

Let's get your most frequently questions answered below
What does 'exclusivity' mean when you work with us?
- When you decide to work with us, it is under exclusive contract, meaning that we are fully committed to source and buying the right property for you according to your buyer's brief and you also agree to buy exclusively to buy the property through us.  In other words, if you engage us as Buyer's Agent, full fees are payable if you buy the property on your own within that exclusive timeframe.  You can always keep looking in the market too, all we request is to keep the communications open with us and we can simply pick the rest of the work if you choose to find the property for yourself and do the due diligence for you.  
How long you will take to find the property?
- When you decide to work with us, we never want to rush in finding the property as we believe that the right strategy is important to build a robust property portfolio. Once we get your buyer's brief, we will focus on getting the right location and the right property for you. On average our clients buy time  is about 46 days.  
How does the fee works?
- We believe in giving the best service. A portion of the agreed fees is paid at the start of the engagement and the rest is paid once the property becomes unconditional.  

Rasti Vaibhav

Helping you secure Financial Future earlier by investing in Properties, often before you think you are ready

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Rupali Rastogi

You know passive income from a balanced property portfolio is the key to securing your financial future, this is what we deliver.

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