Property investment opportunities beyond the bright lights of the city
Australian investors seem not deterred by the pandemic, closed borders, travel restrictions or lockdowns. Instead, investors are continuously buying properties, surprisingly exploring hotspots beyond the city.

In previous years, investors were scared of exploring opportunities and wandering too far from their "safe place" or the comfort of their home area, but as time goes by and COVID-19, more Australians leave the big cities for more affordable regional areas within commuting distance.

As prices skyrocketed in the city areas these past years, a demand ripple away from the capital cities, resulting in sustained property growth in some of Australia's regional areas. Moreover, a better quality of life in a regional area is becoming more accessible, making regional living more compelling.
Taking advantage of flexible working, people are considering relocating to the regions. Since the pandemic hit, office workers have worked from home. People are less concerned with living near work and more concerned with their quality of life. This means that houses are sought after, usually in smaller cities and regional areas. There are fewer restrictions during the lockdowns, which gives you a better lifestyle.

As a result, investors are becoming more willing to go beyond the comfort zone of their community to look for other neighbourhoods that might offer more excellent value and see more opportunities to invest remotely. Investors see more people openly thinking of living in regional areas. Some of these people are the younger generation.
Younger, educated people are moving to the coast with their families. A beachside and relaxed lifestyle less than an hour away from the city is an attractive proposition, which may impact property prices in the area. In addition, many researchers found that regional areas may outperform cities' property performance as costs become too unaffordable for many buyers, especially for young investors.

Many investors see that there are opportunities beyond the bright lights of the city. Many experienced investors are looking to invest in the suburbs, where the property market is booming. There are many government-led initiatives in the infrastructure, which is increasing jobs and opportunities in the regional towns.

Several Aussies surprisingly enjoy living in these areas despite the commuting possibilities, because of the larger available spaces being offered, quiet neighbourhoods and most especially because it costs a lot cheaper.

Careful preparation, research, and analysis are required to invest and make money from a regional property purchase while you are not in the area. So, here is what you need to know and what you should do about remote investing:
  • Get the assistance of an independent buyer's agent to ensure you are not overpaying.
  • Knowing the local market and what tenants are looking for is very important.
  • Metropolitan prices are incomparable with properties in regional areas.
  • Do your research on the neighbourhood where you intend to buy a property.
  • An excellent area to invest in is one with infrastructures, such as universities and new amenities. Generally, these areas have substantial employment and rental demand.
  • Find out the latest and what is predicted for future growth.
  • Work with an excellent local property manager to help you find good tenants.

As any investment has, here are some advantages of the regional areas:
  • Affordability
Compared to those in capital cities, regional housing prices are more affordable.
  • Higher Returns
Property investment in a regional area may give you positive cash flows and get higher rental returns.
  • Better Lifestyle
A change of lifestyle offered by regional areas is particularly appealing to families looking to escape the city since most regional regions provide open spaces, trails, and beaches and not to mention a quiet neighbourhood.
  • Infrastructure Development
As significant developments such as hospitals, schools, highways and transportation continuously arise in the country, regional areas are becoming more beautiful as places to live.
  • Economic Growth
The economy in regional areas continues to improve. As a result, the growth in regional towns is becoming robust post COVID.
  • Employment Opportunities
Employment is very relevant to the property market. Without an available job, a person may not be able to pay for rent.
  • Demographic Trends in the Area
Supply and demand play a vital role in the property market as well. For example, as more people move to the area, the higher the demand for housing may be.
By doing due diligence and researching, you may understand that remotely investing has been on the rise and will continue to be more feasible in the next few years. Investing has never been this accessible to investors, but thanks to detailed information online and industry experts like buyer's agents. Due to this, buying in other hotspots is a breeze no matter where the buyer resides.

Investors must know that the decision depends entirely on one's personal preferences and circumstances at the end of the day. Therefore, it is imperative to evaluate the fundamentals of both metropolitan and regional markets to make an informed property investment decision, such as affordability, cash flow versus capital growth, employment prospects, rental vacancy rates, transportation, lifestyle, and approved developments.

One of the recent purchases for our client.

Region: NSW Regional Growth Corridor
Purchase price: $395,000k. 🌟🌟🌟
Rental Appraisal: $425 p.w
Rental Yield: 5.59% 🚀🚀🚀
5 BR (4 Bedder + studio) Brick and Tile home 🏠🏠🏠

This purchase demonstrates properties with:
✅ Positive cashflow
✅ Decent yield
✅ Inbuilt equity are still available.

With the right team around you, so much can be accomplished. Even amongst what many feels are some of the craziest times of our lives. Our team can help you become a sophisticated and educated investor and scale a borderless property portfolio. Considerations like these can offer insight into whether investing in the city or not is the best choice for you and your circumstances.

Are you planning to buy another hotspot remotely? Buying a property in different areas comes with a risk as you never know if the house you are looking after is the right property since you are residing in another area. It would help if you worked with a trusted independent expert to research the property and what the locals do within the area to ensure that you will get the right property based on what the local needs and wants.

This is where we, Get RARE Properties, comes to your assistance. We are an independent buyers' agent here to guide you through the complexities of purchasing properties. With us in your team, you can ensure that you will get the right personalised strategy, the right property at the right place. As experienced property investors and negotiators, we look at the property as a business transaction and do not let emotions creep in. We will help you choose the best deal at the right negotiated price and save you from undue stress making the process very pleasing and rewarding. As a buyer's agent and experienced property investor, we understand the difficulties of looking for feasible properties in regional areas. We will work closely with you to streamline this complicated process, making it as rewarding and stress-free as possible for you. The perfect property could be waiting just for you, but you would never know about it unless it was presented to you.

Next steps: Should you want to learn how the author built his $5m balanced portfolio in 7 years and aspire to own something similar, feel free to get in touch via email at or book an appointment here.

Disclaimer: This article is general in nature and does not take into account your situation. You should consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs, and where applicable, seek professional advice from a financial adviser.
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