Not sure where the market is heading?
It is currently presenting a 1 in 20-year opportunity. High time to evaluate your strategy, Now.

Whenever there is a big wave is coming, the first scary thought is till when it will last, and that is precisely in the minds of Australian people right now that is it just another media gimmick to push people to buy more, or is it true that the market will be crazier from here on. However, the question is till when? As such no one can answer until the Australian market shows strong, vital points that back up the people to say that the rise will be there till 2022.

If you have thought about buying property so for this year, you would have noticed a couple of things:
firstly, there are many buyers out there, and
secondly, there is not much stock available for them to buy!

However, overall, there is an intense rivalry for the class property, which is expected to lead to rising prices in 2021.
List of Research to show that mass increase will happen in property:

  • Heightened spending on significant new infrastructure

  • Ultra-low vacancies, putting higher pressures on prices

  • A stronger-than-expected economy

  • Lower-than-predicted unemployment

  • Federal and State stimulus measures

  • Huge savings during the pandemic period

  • People during covid reviewing their life choices

  • Higher demand, leading to rising sales activity

  • Rising buyer demand relative to Low listings levels

  • The recovery of the resources sector

  • Ex-pat Australians returning in large numbers

  • Late investors in the market competing with owner-occupiers

  • Attitudes towards owning a home in uncertain times.

  • Access to low-cost finance

The last time we had a real Australia-wide property boom was from 2001-04 – and before then in the late 1908s. After such a long time, we see another surge. Almost in 20 years, we are seeing this happening again. Moreover, it will definitely be significant, in my humble opinion.

So do not wait and late to the party.
Come up with your strategy plan (super-critical - do not underestimate this),
Evaluate your risks and then
Take your action.

We do appreciate that buying a property is not an easy job. It is a very specialised role. Do not let that stop you from becoming a part of this 1 in 20-year party. This is where we, Get RARE Properties, comes to your assistance. We are an independent buyers' agent here to guide you through the complexities of purchasing properties. With us in your team, you can ensure that you will get the right personalised strategy, the right property at the right place. As an experienced property investor and negotiator, we look at the property as a business transaction and do not let the emotions creep in. We will help you choose the best deal at the right negotiated price and save you from undue stress making the process very pleasing and rewarding.

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Disclaimer: This article is general in nature and does not take into account your situation. You should consider whether the information is appropriate to your needs, and where applicable, seek professional advice from a financial adviser.
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