Demography challenges and opportunities

No doubt, we, Aussies, are getting older, as per the RBA report on Demographic Trends, which can be found here.

Whilst share of the population:

  • aged 65+ has risen sharply
  • those aged 35–54 has declined noticeably.

As a result, the number of people at retirement age per 100 working-age people (those aged between 15 and 64) has risen from around 20 to 25 over the past decade and is expected to rise further over the next decade.

This further support the need to increase in young overseas working migrants to support the economy over the coming decades.

And of course, the young professionals will not only contribute to ATO revenue but also need a house to live in. The housing demand for this specific demography is therefore more inelastic.

Please select the right target audience wisely before you select your next investment property location and type.

  • aged 65+ has risen sharply

  • those aged 35–54 has declined noticeably.

Large inflows of relatively young migrants have supported population growth and increased the share of the population aged 25–34 over the 2010s.

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