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I surely understand that in order to get people obsessed about their growing property portfolio, give them amazing value and right strategy that they feel more controlled about their future.

I also know how frustrating it feels like when you think you are doing things right and consistently trying your best, but you still do not have the results in your property portfolio to show for your efforts.

Because I have been there and done that I want to show you that there is NOTHING wrong with you! You simply need some help to put in the right steps, in the right order to get your strategy right.
Rasti Vaibhav
Liscensed Buyer's Agent

Meet Your Host, Rasti Vaibhav
Rasti Vaibhav, is a Licensed Buyer's Agent, Property Specialist, a Long-Term Property Investor and Founder of Get RARE Properties. He specialises in helping home buyers and investors buy the right property at the right location for the right price.

Rasti is an Architect. His qualifications enable him to appreciate the qualifications enable to appreciate the quality and value of good designs and attributes. Pursuing his passion for making money work harder, he later switched his career into the Finance Industry. he served banks for ten years as an Investment Analyst / Portfolio Manager in the Asset Management Industry. The Research role helps him comprehend the fundamental drivers of the market and valuable experience of designing investment strategies with an eye on effective risk management.

As a result of active involvement in the real estate industry, Rasti also has access to many off-market properties. As an investor himself who has built a portfolio in excess of $5m in 7 years, Rasti has found the buyer is under-represented, often wrongly relying on sales agents for support and guidance.