Avoid expensive property mistakes.
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Take the hassle out of buying a property. 

Buy the right property at the right price. Have an expert on your side.  Avoid expensive property mistakes.


​Are you:​

Dedicating your time after work, and weekends or sacrificing your family time?

Inspecting properties, spending money on due diligence, often without success?

Attending auctions only to see the property go for a much higher value?

The fact is that even with all your efforts, you are only accessing 50-60% of the property market. Likely, you are not accessing the pre-market, post-market and off-market property.

Buying a property to live in or to invest in can often feel exciting. However, this feeling, often, quickly changes when the buyer realises how much time is needed to find the right property, not to forget how stressful this process could be. This is where Get Rare comes in; while we take away all the stress and hassles and leave you with just the exciting parts. We will not only find properties for you, but we will also assist with negotiation, ensuring that you pay the best price. Buying a home is a simple and pleasurable experience when you have us serving as your buyers' agent.

Whether our clients are looking to secure a primary place of residence or an investment property, we are there to guide you through the whole process. As a Buyers' Agent, we only work for the property buyer.

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Should you want to discuss your property expectations confidentially, feel free to request a 45-minutes Free Consultation with absolutely no obligation.

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